Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Tall Tower

What’s up I asked? The Fairy Princess has moved to a tall tower in a far away land and I need a bold knight to protect her and her treasure from those nasty dragons! Ok you would have thought that from my first experience I would have “legged it”, made my excuses or as most would say “have her committed”. Well I am never one to give up and to be honest I quite like the fact that Sparkle is completely and utterly unhinged. Oh dear I said, not too serious though! Not too serious she exclaimed, a tall tower full of dragons all after my daughters treasure, not serious! I’d better go and polish my armour then I said and with that prepared myself for another adventure in the land of Sparkle.

Having “juiced up” my trusty steed we mounted up and set of for the kingdom of . . . . . .

Ok, ok enough of the dungeons and dragons stuff. The Fairy Princess, oops, Natalie had just moved into the nursing home at Bournemouth Hospital. A fairly impressive tower block housing lots of doctors and nurses and according to Sparkle “. . . . Where the doctors only want one thing. . . . They prey on those poor innocent little nurses”. Having myself lived in such a place, the words innocent and nurses just don’t go together. I had some pretty “hairy” moments believe me, but that as they say is another story.

Having got to our journeys end and surveying the Fairy Princess’s new kingdom, Sparkle quickly began to check out the lie of the land and the enemy within. “I’ll have to have a scout around” she suddenly announced and with that sniffed the air and with a familiar glint in her eye headed straight for the Social Club. Sparkle you see can smell “wobbly juice” from an impressive distance, its one of her magical senses she says, gained from having lived in fern camps on Dartmoor and riding on tractor trailers full of cow poo. Personally speaking living with four strapping brothers all with a penchant for copious amounts of “Ye Olde Wobbly” is the most likely cause.

So another night in another hostelry, with lots of nodding, gentle smiles and the occasional “wot you looking at” had as ever left the bar completely dry and Sparkle and Princess Natalie still standing (a feat I have witnessed on many occasions). Undeterred, Sparkle announced that we should do it all over again next weekend and oh yes, she loves everyone of course. I should explain at this point when Sparkle gets to the “I love you” part of the evening, she will of course have to say good bye to absolutely everyone. I have seen complete strangers running for their lives, they too having witnessed the “Sparkle headlock sway” accompanied by “you’re so cute” or “have you met my Fairy Princess”.

So then after yet another escapade and terrorising the good people of Bournemouth, we headed back to our little castle in the peaceful hamlet Plympton where Sparkle began to plan her next adventure.